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Laser measurements

Coordinate metrology is an inseparable tool for design and production support. It is widely used in many industries, including car, air, machine.

The measurement department at ROBOMATIQ specializes in 3D coordinate measurements. The measurements are made using the latest and versatile LEICA ABSOLUTE Tracker measuring devices. Our specialized staff is ready to meet even the most complex issues. The experience gained during the implementation of measurement projects in the country and abroad is a guarantee of the service performance while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We offer:

  • Measurements of large-size elements of machine parts and assemblies of production elements.
  • Dimensional control of prototypes.
  • Checking dimensional deviations using CAD models.
  • Leveling and checking machine geometry.
  • Geometry measurement of industrial robots.
  • Orientation of industrial robots relative to work tables.
  • Checking the repeatability of work of robots and industrial devices.
  • Determining the position of points for machines and industrial installations.
  • Technical consultancy

The equipment we have at our disposal is fully mobile and adapted to the most demanding working conditions. It also has current tests and a certificate. The POLYWORKS 2015 software enables us to conduct comprehensive measurements and to report results on a regular basis. It provides all tools for GD & T dimensional analysis and for checking the correctness of shapes. After the measurement is completed, we provide a report in the form of a PDF file.

We approach each order individually and with complete discretion.
To present the measurement pricing, please send photographs and / or pictorial drawings of the object to be measured.


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